Gem Smash


We decided to make an internal gamejam with the other students of the master’s taking the Ludum as an example, but in groups.

We made several groups of two programmers and one artist each, and decided a theme, and spend from Friday to Sunday developing each one their game.

The theme was Inca (as in Inca culture).

It’s based on smash-bros. You have to collect all 6 gems to win, but your opponent will try to collect them too!

Made with Unity, sound effects with ChipTone music with Bosca Ceoil.


  • Player 1
    • ASDF: Movement
    • left ctrl/space: Jump
    • left shift: Attack
    • tab: Special Attack
  • Player 2
    • ←↑→↓: Movement
    • right ctrl/numpad 0: Jump
    • right shift: Attack
    • return(↵): Special Attack


  • Art
    • Ferran Duran Vallverdú
  • Programming
    • Oriol Sanz Arenas
    • Roc Ramon Currius